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30 Fat Balls in Bucket
Ex Tax: €10.95
30 Fat Balls in Bucket These fat balls are designed to keep the wild birds full, fit and happy th..
Deluxe Niger Feeder Small
Ex Tax: €7.72
Deluxe Niger Feeder Small Deluxe, attractive niger seed feeder. Available in colours: black mica,..
Deluxe Nut Feeder
Ex Tax: €7.72
Garden Bird Deluxe Nut Feeder Small Deluxe, attractive nut feeder. Small 20cm fill. Easy to fill ..
Fat Balls 6 Pack
Ex Tax: €3.50
Our high energy fat balls are available in two sizes and can be hung from your table or placed on th..
Giant Fat Ball
Ex Tax: €2.95
These high energy giant fat balls can be hung from your table or placed on the ground. If you like p..
Niger Seed
Ex Tax: €3.17
Niger Seed This black oil-rich tonic seed is readily taken by a range of species. Niger is pa..
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Ex Tax: €3.75
Peanuts Rich in oils, peanuts provide a high-energy food source and are especially beneficial dur..
Pigeon Mix
Ex Tax: €1.71
Pigeon Mix High quality pigeon seed containing maize, peas and wheat. Sizes: 1kg 25kg ..
Ring Pull Easy Clean Seed Feeder
Ex Tax: €14.23
Revolutionary Ring Pull easy to clean - pull the pin and the feeder comes apart in second..
Springy Fat Ball Feeder
Ex Tax: €2.03
Durable metal construction throughout, easy to fill. Attracts birds all year round. ..
Starter Nut Feeder
Ex Tax: €3.25
Starter Nut Feeder Good quality Stainless steel hangers Easy to fill Dark green Siz..
Sunflower Hearts
Ex Tax: €2.85
Sunflower Hearts provide a rich source of oil and calorific energy for your garden birds ..
Sunflower Seeds
Ex Tax: €2.28
Sunflower Seeds High quality sunflower seeds should keep your birds and small pets happy. Not ..
Wild Beaks Metal Hammertone Suet Springy Feeder
Ex Tax: €3.55
Metal feeder designed to take prepared fat cake blocks or can be used as a general feeder for scraps..
Wild Beaks Plastic Suet Block Feeder
Ex Tax: €1.79
Green plastic square mesh feeder designed to take prepared fat cake blocks or can be used as a gener..
Wild Bird Seed
Ex Tax: €2.60
Standard wild bird mix. Sizes: 1kg 15kg ..
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