Day 4 - Thursday

Bite Prevention Week - 'Space etiquette for dogs'

Just like humans, dogs need their personal space and they can react angrily if this space is invaded. Even if your dog is friendly, having another dog come into his/her space or your dog coming into the other dogs space can cause a negative reaction.

Below is a great infographic on 'Space Etiquette' to people with friendly dogs, Off-leash dogs & retractable leash dogs.



Coming Soon - 'Friendly Dog Collars' dog collars, leads & harnesses.

These dog products use a simplistic traffic light, colour coded system that can notify surrounding people about unfamiliar dogs and their attitude. This can stop many accidents and incidents from taking place.

Here is a video of 'Gordon' using the 'No dogs' harness. This notifies people that he is not good with other dogs.

Bite Prevention Week discounted products

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