Day 5 - Friday

Bite prevention week - "How to greet a dog"

Humans are naturally tactile and when we see a cute dog we desperately want to rush up and give it a cuddle. For some dogs this is absolutely fine and they accept the fuss and attention with a soft wag of their tail.

However for lots of dogs having someone suddenly appear in their personal space, reaching out a hand, to do who knows what, can be scary!

We can help our dogs and stay safe in the process by following the advice outlined by Sophia Yin in her great poster below.


"Natural calming aids"

Training and behaviour modification can sometimes be given a helping hand with the use of natural calming products.

Stunning little Pippin gets extremely worked up and stressed in the car and is undergoing a training plan to encourage him to feel more relaxed. Pippins owners are also using a Thunder Shirt and Valerian based spray on his blanket to help speed up the process. There are lots of similar great products available in Petstop to help reduce anxiety and stress in our dogs.

Bite Prevention Week discounted products

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