Day 6 - Saturday

Bite prevention week - day 6

​"He ain't misbehaving"

It can sometimes be a little tricky sharing our homes and lives with dogs when they don't seem to slot in to our regular routine. Often dogs are labelled disobedient, wilful or even bad for simply carrying out completely normal doggy behaviours. In order to have a happy home we sometimes need to put our dogs to work and give them a job to do. Mental and physical exercise are equally important and giving our dogs an chance to practice the "right" behaviour will set them up for success as outlined in this fab poster by Lilly Chin.


Puzzle Feeders

Will work for food! Recent studies have show that when given a choice dogs will often choose a puzzle over a straightforward feeding bowl. Imagine eating the same thing, from the same bowl, at the same time of day for the rest of your life, it's a grim picture! Most dogs enjoy variety and if we cannot offer them different meals every day we can certainly help enrich their lives by making them work for their food. Daisy is an anxious girl who struggles being left home alone but giving her an opportunity to work for her dinner gives her a fun job to focus on while her family pop out for a bit.

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