Day 7 - Sunday

Bite prevention week - day 7

"Your choice affects your dogs choice"

Sometimes our dogs show behaviours that are upsetting to us such as growling over food, toys or a favourite resting spot. Although unpleasant, this behaviour is perfectly natural for a dog, as they are telling us they value the food, toy or resting spot so much and they are worried that we intended on taking it away from them. Often our natural reaction is to become upset and avoid the dog or chastise them. Unfortunate both are counter productive and can often make the situation worse. Lilly Chin has designed a super poster that illustrates what is happening when our dogs growls at us over favourite possessions.


Capturing calmness via a Kong

Kongs, when stuffed with something tasty, are rubber replicas of a marrow bone that dogs will while away their time trying to empty. Maisie is an older girl who can be a little worried about sharing her things with the other dogs in her home. In order to set her up for success and allow her to continue to enjoy her Kong, which she finds very relaxing, her family have taught her that she will be left in peace either in the garden or her bed until it is empty. At this point they trade her the empty Kong for a tasty treat and her doggy buddies are let back in to play.

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