Day 2 - Tuesday

Tuesdays topics are Body Language & Muzzles

Learning to read your dogs body language can be key to calming situations for you and your dog and essential to preventing more serious scenarios that endanger your pet, you or a third party. This infographic courtesy of Dr. Sophia Yin highlights early signs of Fear & Anxiety in your dog

The product we want to begin with is Muzzles and are offering 20% off Baskerville Muzzles for the week 

We all are aware of Muzzles due to breed specific legislation and the requirement by law to muzzle any breed from the list and any cross of this breed. Muzzles can often get a bad name for themselves as they look a bit intimidating and for some dogs are quite uncomfortable but, as you can see with charming Charlie he loves his muzzle and sees it as an extension of his harness or lead. Charlie wears his muzzle as he can be a little nervous of other dogs out and about. The muzzle gives his owner peace of mind that nothing could happen if he met another dog on his walks making the whole walk much calmer for all involved.

Muzzles can be used for multiple situations to help prevent any unnecessary incidents, but it is important to train your dog to like there muzzles so they do not feel restricted. For information on training your dog to wear a muzzle pop into your local Petstop. 

***We do not advise using fabric muzzles for walking dogs as they can impact on your dog’s breathing and are ideally only for Veterinary surgeries or for grooming.***

Please take a look at our video of Charlie getting ready for his walk.

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