Day 3 - Wednesday


Wednesday topics are Kids interactions with dogs & Barriers

Dogs can be your childs best friend, but to get to that stage we must first show our children how to interact and this is turn should show your pet how then should behave with children.

The first step in keeping children and dogs safe is to show children how they should behave when interacting with dogs, be that a strange dog or their own pet. Due to some children being unable to read dogs body language successfully they can put both themselves and the dog in a dangerous situation resulting in escalated behaviours like growling, snapping and biting.

To avoid the danger of this Dr. Sophia Yin has produced some infographics that can help us make sense of some likely events.


Dog Barriers are great in household with or without children, we have 20% of these specialty barriers

An amazing tool for preventing issues when people call to the front door is the Trixie Barrier. For a lot of owners this is a common complaint as they cannot get there dog away from the door when the doorbell goes resulting in both you and your dog being worked up and stressed by the time your visitor gets in the door. It can also be quite daunting for a visitor to try get into a home with a dog barking and jumping around in the narrow space near the door.

In this video you can see Yoshi using the barrier to allow visitors to enter the house hassle free and then greet him. If he was nervous of visitors we would have the barrier further away from the door to ensure they do not have to walk past him to get in but Yoshi just wants to say hi but due to his size can knock someone over hence the need for the barrier!

Barriers are extremely useful to help owners control where there dog can and cannot go and also setting them up to succeed with visitors or to restrict them to a certain room for toilet training. 

If interested in teaching this behaviour pop into your local Petstop for more information.

*** Remember if your dog is showing nervous or aggressive behaviours to visitors coming over it is better to train them to go into a different room while the visitors are over to prevent any incidents and so they can relax ***


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