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In this section we will try to answer some regular questions and pet issues that our customers have.  We will also add some video's from our Animal Behaviourist and Trainers.

If you have some questions that you would like us to answer and do a piece on please email us


1st December 2016 - 09:02pm

Christmas Advert & Competition

Our Christmas 2016 video, starring 'Charlie' the dog is here! This year we wanted to get our staff involved, so this video was made 100% by our Petstop staff. They are not just brilliant with customer service and animal care they have other amazing skills too.
Take a look!​

If you like the video, share the love and let us know what you think for your chance to win....


20th October 2016 - 12:30pm

Halloween - a scary time of year

For lots of dogs, Halloween is literally the stuff of nightmares. The sky lights up with strange colours accompanied by loud fireworks, the smell of burning sulphur, people in scary outfits with their faces obscured and the doorbell ringing repeatedly. It is not surprising really that Halloween is such a difficult time for some dogs and as a result their owners who struggle to see their animals so distressed.

So what can we do to make Halloween as easy as possible for our dogs?

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19th September 2016 - 14:52pm

Coming when called - teaching recall

Lots of dog owners struggle to get their dogs to come back when let off lead. This usually either results in the dog never having off-lead exercise or very frustrated dog owners chasing their dogs around the park!  This article will give you everything you need to teach your dog to come when called...

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19th September 2016 - 14:52pm

Pets and Halloween

The following link gives a little guide on keeping your pets safe, happy and healthy around the Halloween period.  This is one of the worst times of the year for pets, so we hope this helps.  

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