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Feeding your Chameleon

Chameleons generally eat insects but some will take a small amount of greens, fruit and vegetables.

What should I feed my chameleon?

Live Insects and gut loading

Insects can be fed live to your chameleon as they tend to refuse dead prey.  Any uneaten insects should be removed from the vivarium.

  • As insects are eaten whole the general rule is that you should not feed any insect that are bigger than the width of your chameleon's head to prevent them from choking and impaction.  
  • The insects should be gut loaded 24 hours prior to feeding.  Gut loading means that the insects have been fed a nutritious diet that will benefit your chameleon when it eats them.

Calcium and Multi-Vitamin Supplements

Your chameleon will need Calcium and Multi-Vitamin supplements. If they are lacking in Vitamin D-3 and Calcium then they could be prone to metabolic bone diseases, which can be fatal. The supplement is a powder base so it is easy to coat food with it.

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How much should I feed my chameleon?

How much you should feed your chameleon depends on how old they are.  Babies and juveniles (up to a year old) should be fed as many small crickets as they can eat within 10 – 15 minutes.  Adults as can be fed an assortment of crickets, meal worms, small locusts and the occasional wax worm. Fifteen to twenty insects are usually enough for an adult chameleon.

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How often should I feed my chameleon?

Adult chameleons should be fed every other day and juveniles should be fed daily.

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Chameleons do not lap water from a dish so it is important to mist the vivarium regularly to provide droplets on the plants / décor that the chameleon can lick off. This will also help to maintain the humidity levels in the vivarium.  Another solution is to fit a dripper system, which you can either buy or make yourself.

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