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Acro Power Amino Acid Formula for Corals

Product Code: MA172


Acro Power Amino Acid Formula for Corals

Two Little Fishies AcroPower contains a blend of amino acids utilized by corals for the developtment of their skeletal architecture and fluorescent protein pigments. Corals, like other cnidaria, have a special ability to uptake dissolved amino acids across their entire surface. Closed system aquariums with protein skimming and other "ultra low nutrient" filtration methods deplete amino acids that are vitally important for coral health. SPS and LPS stony corals, soft corals, and anemones become more colorful within days after dosing AcroPower. Tissues become fuller and polyp extension increases as well. SPS corals develop new branches and more colorful tips due to the extension of the growing margins when AcroPower is used. It does not promote algaw blooms or elevate nutriend levels or affect the protein skimmer. 

Directions: Add to a strong current stream for rapid distribution in the water. Does 5mL per 94.6L (25gal) at least once per week (min dose) or up to 5ml per 94.6L (25 gal) as often as daily (max dose).

Sizes: 500ml, 1000ml



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