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Activity Sniffing Blanket

Product Code: 32038


Activity Sniffling Blanket

Activity Sniffling Blanket will provide your dog or cat with hours of entertainment. This blanket is made from a soft polyester material with various compartments to hide food and treats. The blanket can be folded to increase the level of difficulty to further challenge your pet as their cognitive abilities improve. This product can also be used as a slow feeder to prevent fast consumption of food. 

  • for dogs and cats
  • with various pockets and compartments
  • can also be used for daily feeding
  • prevents gulping down food
  • larger snacks or small toys can be hidden as well
  • the blanket can be folded or crumpled to increase the level of difficulty
  • polyester
  • incl. booklet with tips and tricks for optimal training

Measurements: 70 x 70cm


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