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Adobe Gerbilarium

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Adobe Gerbilarium

Not suitable for Syrian Hamsters

This is designed especially for gerbils, meeting their particular needs. Gerbils, mice and dwarf hamsters all have slightly different requirements to Syrian hamsters when it comes to best meeting their housing requirements.

Made from an all plastic construction, it features narrow bars on the roof for ventilation, so it is completely escape proof and ideal for breeding. Featuring an extra deep base that gerbils require for tunneling in their litter.

It’s constructed to be as gnaw proof as possible with a smooth, curved interior and any ‘vulnerable’ parts, including the ladders, are made from metal. With easy to use ‘drop in’ bottle, food dishes and a bridge, this cage is all you need for your new pets arrival. Ideal for all gerbils.

Colour: Clear

Measurements: 53 x 39 x 42cm


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