Alpha Spirit Multi-Protein Complete Dog Food

Product Code: AS30012


Alpha Spirit Complete Dog Food Multi-Protein

Multi-Protein Complete Dog Food is a unique formula, developed and brought to you to enrich the nutritional balance of Multi Protein sources, multiple amino acids profiles supporting many essentials functions; therefore is ideal for maintaining wellness of the animal.
With the Tenderize Technology all sources of protein are pre-digested and the proteins are assimilated easily. Multi-Protein formula provides your dog with a broad nutritional base and lots of variety.


  • Reduces the size of the depositions.
  • With legum sprouts, vitamins and botanicals.
  • The sprouts also helps optimize digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
  • The meat adds shine to the hair. The brewer’s yeast is rich in vitamins B. Omega 3 and 6 helps regenerate tissues.
  • Contains taurine, essential for cardiac activity. The Omega 3 improves osteoarthritis.
  • Includes calcium essential for the formation of the dentin structure.
  • Carnitine reduces fat and promotes muscle development.
  • A contribution of chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine helps the formation of ligaments and articular cartilage.
  • Fish oil prevents ischemia, improving cachexia and IL1 concentration decreases.
  • Includes turmeric inhibits intestinal tumours. Carotenes and lutein to the retina.

Box Sizes: 

ALPHA SPIRIT is available in boxes of 1.47kg, 5.67kg and 9.45kg.

Small - 1.47kg (7 monodosis x 210g)

Medium - 5.67kg (27 monodosis x 210g)

Large - 9.45kg (45 monodosis x 210g)



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