Beaphar Tummy Care

Product Code: SH15334


Beaphar Tummy Care contains a soluction, which helps to maintain a healthy intestinal flora and gut function. This is the first step in avoiding a soft stool problems. It also contains essential additives for guinea-pigs. Made with real carrot juice, it is delicious as well as healthy. Reluctant drinkers will readily increase their fluid intake in most cases.  Simply mix Beaphar Tummy Care into the drinking water or food. Replace the drinking water daily.

Warnings: Only for pets.  Should your pet have more than a slight tummy upset, or the problem does not improve within a few days, you should visit your vet straight away. Diarrhoea can be very serious in small animals, and your pet’s health could deteriorate quickly without veterinary treatment.

Due to the sugar content, not suitable for degus or chinchillas.


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