Beta Mature Chicken

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Beta Mature Chicken

Beta Mature 5+ is a balanced diet which has been specifically developed to help maintain a lean body and a healthy heart for your dog when it starts to age. 

  • Your dogs digestive system is kept healthy, as the recipes are formulated with chicory, which is a natural prebiotic which has been shown to increase the number of good bacteria in the gut, and therefore improving their digestive health.
  • The diet also includes vitamin A, which aids healthy vision. 
  • The chicken provides a source of protein, which has been carefully balanced with fatty acids to help promote a lean body, healthy skin and a shiny coat.
  • It is combined with other wholesome ingredients, such as wholegrain cereals, providing an adequate source of energy after your pet has fed, and throughout the day.
  • Two different sizes of kibble have been produced to encourage chewing, which aide oral health by cutting down on plaque build up. Encouraging chewing also cuts down on your dog bolting their meal, helping with nutrient absorption. 

Recommended for dogs aged between 5 and 9 years old.

Sizes: 2.5kg, 14kg



PURINA BETA Senior with Chicken is a complete and balanced meal. Store it in a cool, dry place.Daily feeding amounts

Weight kgGrams per day
Normal ActivityMore Activity
5 kg110 g125 g
10 kg175 g200 g
15 kg230 g260 g
20 kg275 g320 g
25  kg320 g370 g
30  kg365 g415 g
35 kg405 g465 g
40 kg440 g505 g
45 kg475 g550 g
50 kg510 g590 g
55 kg545 g625 g
60 kg580 g665 g
65 kg610 g700 g
70 kg640 g735 g

Feeding guide: See table for recommended daily feeding amounts. These amounts are guidelines only. Adjust quantities according to your dog’s activity levels, physical condition and individual needs. 

Clean, fresh water should be available at all times. 
To monitor your dog’s health, consult a veterinary surgeon regularly. Introduce PURINA BETA Adult gradually over 7 days.


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