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Boredom Breaker Naturals Sticks Carrot & Fennel 120g

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Boredom Breaker Naturals Sticks Carrot & Fennel 120g

Boredom Breaker Naturals Carrot & Fennel sticks 120g A wonderfully tasty treat, full of healthy and natural ingredients, for all Small Animals. These hard baked sticks make your pet work for their treat, keeping them stimulated for days, or why not hand-feed: they will love you for it! All of our delicious treats are created to appeal to and stimulate your pet, brightening their day. With treats as special as these you will soon have them, quite literally, eating out of your hand! Ingredients Cereals, seeds (fennel 5%), nuts, eggs and egg products, carrots (10%) As with all treats, offer sparingly to chinchillas


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