Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Grass Kit

Product Code: 43162


Catit 2.0 Cat Grass Kit

Grow your own cat grass within 1 week!

Grass is a natural source of fiber, which stimulates digestion and helps prevent hairball buildups.   Houseplants are often toxic and therefore not suitable for consumption.

The Catit Cat Grass Kit contains 3 sets of seeds and 3 sets of vermiculite for optimal results and clean planting!

Day 1-3 Put the planter in a warm environment to speed up the growing process.

Day 4-6 Keep the grass moist with a spray bottle.

Unlike potting soil, vermiculite is a tidy resource to work with. Keep your hands clean whilst guaranteeing the best care for your cat.

For use with the Catit 2.0 Grass Planter



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