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Chipsi Carefresh Confetti Pet Bedding 50L

Product Code: R.F3578C


Chipsi Carefresh- Confetti

Chipsi Carefresh Confetti pet bedding is perfect for creating a colourful, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for your small pet thanks to its multi-coloured cellulose flakes. The nesting material is completely natural and bio-degradable, and boasts a strong absorptive capacity to keep your cage dry and hygienic.  The extra fleecy, soft, bleached natural cellulose fibers guarantee hygienic cleanliness for your small animals and provide a clean feel-good atmosphere in their home.  

The flakes are wonderfully soft and supple to keep your pet comfortable and prevent injury to sensitive paws. It encourages tunneling and nest-building by giving off warmth to create snug and cozy dens. It also makes cleaning the cage much easier as it is almost completely dust-free.

Chipsi Carefresh Confetti pet bedding at a glance:

  • Natural pet bedding for all small pets
  • Ideal for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, mice, and ferrets
  • Cellulose flakes: made entirely from plant fibers 
  • Soft and supple: to prevent any injury to your pet's sensitive paws
  • Gives off warmth: ideal for making tunnels and building nests, gives off a cozy warmth
  • Great absorption: superior to wood chips and provide a dry and hygienic environment
  • Stimulating: encourages playing and building tunnels and nests
  • Almost dust-free: for a tidy cage and a fuss-free cleaning experience 100% bio-degradable: all natural environmentally friendly material, free from resin and lignin with pleasant paper scent

Size: 50 litre


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