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Christmas Naturals Selection Box for Small Animals

Product Code: 19657


Christmas Naturals Selection Box

Treat your little furry friends who've been good this year with the Rosewood Naturals Small Animals Treats Selection Box. The box contains 4 different festive treats for small animals, all made with 100% natural ingredients.


  • Festive Herbs Plus 75g
  • Christmas Cookies 75g
  • Carrot & Elderberry Treats 3pc/40g
  • Snowballs 50g
  • Festive Herbs Plus: Extruded cornmeal, wheat flakes, oat flakes , pea flakes, carrot, parsley, puffed maize, puffed wheat, alfalfa, wheat, lemon balm, dandelion, apple, coneflower, coconut, peppermint, pumpkin, meadow hay, cranberries, marigold blossoms, fenugreek seed (all as dried ingredients)
  • Christmas Cookies: Pea flakes, carrot, meadow hay, vegetable starch, beetroot, parsley (all as dried ingredients)
  • Carrot & Elderberry Trees: Pea flakes, carrot (9.2%), elderberries (7.5%), graminaceous seeds, canary grass seed, nettle, buckwheat, parsley, hemp seed, linseed, fennel seed, peppermint, dandelion, black cumin seed, vegetable starch (all as dried ingredients)
  • Snowballs (50g): Coconut, extruded cornmeal, straw, alfalfa, carrot, vegetable starch (all as dried ingredients)

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