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Dog Coat - Reflective Fleck - Red

Product Code: DB1646R20


Breathe Comfort - Dog Coat - Reflective Fleck - Red

Hi-Tech fabric is produced under special procedures to achieve both a high moisture resistance while having a cosy and soft coat structure for your dog. Breathe Comfort allows the natural body temperature to be maintained while outdoors.

Red and black coloured outter body, black lining with inner back leg loops. Velcro closure at chest & stomach, which can be adjusted to fit securely. 

The reflective 'flecks' on the red outter body make your dog more noticable.  During daylight the flecks are a modest grey colour, and at night, when the fabric picks up an external light source eg. vehicle headlights or a torch, it gives great reflectivity so your dog is more easily seen.

Key features:

  • reflective properties
  • warm and regulates the dogs body tempurature
  • water & wind-resistant
  • Velcro chest and waist fasteners
  • machine washable on low spin cycle using mild detergent.

​Approx. measurements:

For the correct size dog coat, please measure your dog from the base of their neck to the base of their tail.


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