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eSHa Exit White Spot treatment

Product Code: RC005


eSHa Exit Whitespot treatment - 20ml


EXIT treats all ‘Spot’ causing parasitic species. EXIT distinguishes itself from other products by also treating ‘Velvet’ disease as well as ‘Spot’ parasites. This is an advantage because the symptoms for both diseases are often confused. Therefore, EXIT eliminates the danger of choosing the wrong treatment.

​Size: 20ml

​Not suitable for Marine Fish


When to use eSHa Exit Whitespot treatment?

Disease diagnosis is the first step toward successful and rapid disease cure. Most fish diseases are highly contagious and spread quickly in aquarium conditions so prompt diagnosis and treatment is advised. There are some ‘early warning signals’ which should be watched for as these can indicate the onset of a disease.

  • Skin: The skin is the first line of defence and as such it is often the first to show signs of attack from infection. Any changes in skin colour or appearance should be closely watched for.
  • Fins: Watch your fish’s fins. Fins which are held close to the body signal helps always an illness, particularly on live bearing fish.
  • Swimming behaviour: Unusual or sluggish swimming behaviour can indicate the onset of a disease.

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