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eSHa Gastopex- Aquatic snail treatment

Product Code: RC023


eSHa Gastopex - 10ml -  Aquatic snail treatment


GASTROPEX is a unique formula that effectively combats aquatic snails in freshwater aquaria. In addition, GASTROPEX clears cloudy water caused by bacterial blooms and combats ‘Hydra’. GASTROPEX is safe to use with freshwater tropical / coldwater fish and plants and, unlike many other treatments, no water change is required after use. GAS-TROPEX can also be used as a preventive bath for new plants. This pre- vents snail colonisation and the runaway growth of micro-organisms. Few special precautions have to be taken when using GASTROPEX.

How do I know when to use GASTROPEX?

If snails can be seen in the aquarium, on the glass or in the gravel, then GASTROPEX should be used. Snails are relatively common in aquariums and in small quantities pose few problems. However, they pollute water and become a serious nuisance, so take action sooner rather than later. When you have a snail epidemic, removing them by hand again and again becomes a time-consuming chore. Total removal of all snails is nearly impossible and usually the epidemic returns. Use GASTROPEX to eliminate all aquatic snails including those hidden in the sand, gravel, plants and decorations.


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