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eSHa Protalon 707 - Algea Remover

Product Code: RC009


eSHa Protalon 707 - Algea Remover (20ml +10ml bottles)

What is PROTALON-707?

PROTALON-707 is a safe and effective means of solving algae growth in your aquarium, and should be used whenever algae problems are encountered. Unlike many other treatments, PROTALON-707 is well tolerated by plants, fish and filters. (It actually helps plants grow).


How does PROTALON-707 work?

PROTALON-707 is a unique two bottle treatment. The two bottles work together to provide you with an effective algicide and a plant boost in one treatment. At the same time, PROTALON-707 rids cloudy water caused by algae blooms and helps prevent the return of algae. The components of PROTALON-707 work slowly and in harmony, therefore the danger of mistreating the aquarium water, with all the adverse consequences this entails, has been eliminated. PROTALON-707 bottles A and B work together to achieve a healthy and algae-free aquarium.

What algae does PROTALON-707 treat?

  • Filamentous Algae.
  • Slime Algae (covers everything with a green, jelly like material).
  • Beard / Hair Algae (tufts from black to green).
  • Brown Slime Algae / Black Algae. - Blue-Green Algae (not real algae but responds to PROTALON-707).
  • Suspended Algae (causes green water in aquarium). - Green Algae (harmless in small quantities - can be healthy - uses up excess nutrients).
  • PROTALON-707 also treats most transitional forms of Algae. There are over 25,000 species!

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