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Fauna Marin - Balling Light Trace 3

Product Code: FAUNA14015


Balling Light Trace 3

Fauna Marin Balling Light Trace 3 Metallic Health Flourescent Effect

Balling Light Trace 1-3 contain micro and trace elements that serve as an equilibrium solution for the Balling Light and Classic method. The addition of trace elements to the exile salts represents a complete primary care system. In particular, a strong consumption pool can easily be adjusted and supplied if necessary.


  • 250ml
  • 500ml

Fauna Marin - Balling Light Trace Variants

  • Balling Light Trace 1: Metallic Color & Grow Effect; For adding strontium and barium.
  • Balling Light Trace 2: Metallic Metabolic Color Effect; For adding heavy metals.
  • Balling Light Trace 3: Metallic Health Flourescent Effect; For adding iodine and fluorine.

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