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Feeding your Bird

Feeding your Birds


Your bird will need a balanced and varied diet of dry bird food supplemented with fruit, vegetables and minerals.  We have a useful guide to help you choose the best food to keep your bird happy and healthy.


Dry Bird Food

Petstop have a range of high quality bird foods available that have been specially designed to suit your particular type of bird – from budgies to cockatoos!  These dry foods have been customised specifically for the dietary needs of different birds and you should only feed the appropriate food for bird and not one designed for another species.  

There are two types of bird food:  dry seed mix and complete pellet food.  Complete pellet food is better, especially for larger birds.  It is more nutritious as it contains added minerals and vitamins found in fruit and vegetables – which means that don't have to supplement your bird's diet.  Varieties for specific breeds of birds are also available.

  • Feed just enough dry bird food for your bird to consume entirely in one day.  
  • You will need to supplement your bird's diet with fruit, vegetables and mineral supplements in addition to dried bird food.

View our bird Products section for a selection of dry bird foods



Always provide fresh clean drinking water daily for your bird and check the supply each day.  Water should be provided in water cups or dispensers attached to the bars of the cage and not in bowls as these are easily fouled.  

View our bird Products section for a selection of water cups, dispensers and feeding accessories


Grit, cuttlebone and oyster shell

Birds do not have teeth and use fine pieces of grit to aid their digestion and to break down whole seeds.  Finely ground grit and oyster shell and cuttlebone add calcium to your bird's diet.  Cuttlebone is a popular choice and also helps to keep your bird's beak worn down.  

View our bird Products section for a selection of grit, cuttlebone and oyster shell


Fruit, Greens and Vegetables

Small pieces of fresh fruit, greens and vegetables can be fed to your bird in addition to their daily dry bird food.  If you are not sure which fruit and vegetables you can feed to your specific type of bird our staff will be happy to advise you in store.  
Most birds enjoy small amounts of romaine lettuce (in moderation as lettuce can cause diarrhea), dandelion leaves, kale, groundsel, chickweed, kale, broccoli, apple and pear (remove pips), peach and apricot (remove stones), banana and carrot.

  • Always wash any fruit, greens or vegetables before feeding them to your bird
  • Always introduce new foods to your bird gradually over 7 - 14 days as sudden changes of diet can cause stomach upsets.


Egg Food

Your bird may need egg food when they are moulting their feathers.  Egg food is very high in protein and can fed either dry or moistened on its own or added to your bird's daily dry bird food.  Egg food can also be given occasionally as a treat or pick-me-up.

View our bird Products section for a selection of egg foods


Iodine and mineral blocks

Birds can suffer from mineral deficiencies and seed-eater birds, especially budgerigars, benefit from having iodine blocks in their cage. Mineral blocks containing calcium are also available.

View our bird Products section for a selection of iodine and calcium mineral blocks



There are a number of treats that you can give your bird such as honey or dried fruit sticks.  Birds love millet sprays which contain the dried seed heads of foxtail or finger millet.  Some millet sprays are coated with minerals to encourage your bird to eat more calcium.  Birds also have great fun pecking off the seeds!

View our bird Products section for a selection of treats for your bird​


Dangerous foods

  • Never feed your bird chocolate or avocado as these are toxic.
  • Apple pips
  • Dried beans
  • Dairy products
  • Mushrooms
  • Salt
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Rhubarb
  • Tomato leaves
  • Onions and garlic