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Fleatix COMBO Flea Treatment - Cat

Product Code: RP2145


Fleatix COMBO spot-on solution for Cats and Ferrets 

Treats Fleas, Ticks and Biting Lice

Fipronil is a broad spectrum insecticide that disrupts the insects central nervous system and causes them to die.  It is a slow acting poison and allows the poisoned insect time to return to the colony to spread to more fleas.  Fleas can also acts as a host for worms such as tapeworms or roundworms and can help to infect your cat on the inside too.  Fleas infested with worm eggs can bite your cat which makes your cat bite the flea – which it then swallows -. and your cat gets worms as a result!  And if that isn’t bad enough you and your family can get fleas and worms too.  Protect your family and treat you cats regularlaly with Fleatix.

Key Features:  

      • No prescription needed.
      • Treats fleas, ticks and biting lice
      • Kills Fleas, ticks, biting lice and their eggs.
      • Provides up to four weeks of protection
      • Pack Contains 3 pipettes (3 x 0.5ml).
      • Each pipette contains Fipronil 50mg, (S)-methoprene 60mg
      • Each pipette is one treatment.


Fleatix only needs to be applied to 2 spots on your cat after which it spreads around the body through a process called ‘translocation’ and it stored in the natural oils just beneath your pets skin. Fleatix is strong against fleas, ticks and biting lice but gentle on your pet.  

Size: 3 Pack - 3 months supply


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