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Flecta Vizlite Dog Jacket Yellow

Product Code: 100DVFYW010


Vizlite® DT Dog jackets

NEW VizLite® DT dog jackets are now available. These jackets will ensure high visibility for dog and walker in all light conditions, even complete darkness. Just charge them under any UV light source and the afterglow literally lasts for hours, without the need for batteries, electricity or wires.

  • Absorbs UV light from any source (daylight or a bulb)
  • Works like a battery to effectively store the absorbed light
  • Emits the stored energy as an “afterglow” in darkness
  • Fully charges in 10 minutes
  • Provides high visibility in all conditions
  • Incorporates lightweight Flectalon insulation to reduce lost body heat
  • Showerproof

Sizes available: 10"/25cm, 12"/30cm, 14"/35cm, 16"/40cm, 18"/45cm, 20"/50cm, 22"/55cm, 24"/60cm, 26"/66cm, 28"/71cm, 30"/76cm

Petlife Flecta VizLite® DT Dog Jackets are available in different sizes to suit the variation of size within each individual breed. To ensure a comfortable t for your dog, we recommend measuring your dog as shown below.

If your dog measures between sizes please choose the smaller size. 


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