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Flexi Classic Black Large Tape - 8M

Product Code: T11731


Flexi Classic Black Large Tape - 8M

The flexi Giant XL dog lead combines comfort and safety for you and your dog.  The yellow, high-viz tape lead is visible at dusk and in the dark, and it is strong enough to keep even large and strong dogs under control, whilst also being long enough to allow them the freedom to roam and explore.  The lead and casing look smart in daylight too!

The flexi Giant Professional dog lead is a 8 metre yellow retractable lead that moves freely in and out of the casing, so that your dog can move entirely independently from you.  The retraction mechanism ensures at all times that the lead does not slack and you can stop the movement of the lead at any time using the button near your thumb.

Key features:

  • 8m retractable lead for large, strong dogs
  • Long, yellow lead tape for high visibility and freedom to roam
  • With a safety strap: stops the lead retracting if the collar breaks
  • High quality lead: top quality components, robust and sturdy with a chrome plated hook
  • Robust lead and compact reel housing
  • Soft grip
  • Chrome-plated hook
  • Allows the lead to be played out, stopped and retracted at the touch of a button

Colour: Casing: black Soft grip: grey Button and lead tape: yellow


  • Giant XL: 8 metre tape lead
  • For large and strong dogs (+50kg)
  • Product weighs approx. 860g

Please note: Flexi's are not chew proof and a puppy/dog can chew through the cord/tape if not monitored or left unattended.


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