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Food Barrel Transparent

Product Code: 24667


Food Barrel Transparent

An easy and conventient way to store your pet's food. Simply insert the bag into the bin or pour the contents of the bag into the bin. The airtight lock system can be opened and closed using the large clasp attached to the lid. 

Keep your pet's favourite food or treats fresh for longer. Also great for dispelling the smell of dog food in your home.This food storage bin is made from a durable plastic that is easy to wipe down and rinse if required. 

  • Keeps the food fresh and dry
  • Prevents the smell of dog food in your home 
  • Easy to use lock system 
  • Airtight seal 
  • Made from a durable plastic 
  • For storing dry feed, litter and similar

Colour: Taupe/Cream lid with Clear bin 


24 × 51 × 39 cm
Capacity: 10kg

Large (with wheels)
27 × 61 × 45 cm
Capacity: 15kg


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