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Fresh and Cool - Cooling Bowl

Product Code: 24959


Fresh and Cool Cooling Bowl

This cooling bowl is a summer essential ! Keep your pets hydrated during the warmer months with this innovative bowl that is designed to keep your pets water cool even on a hot day. This bowl can also be used to keep your pet’s food cold.

This bowl has a concealed cooling pack in the base which can be removed and refrozen. Simply unscrew the base of the bowl to remove to cooling pack and place in the freezer. The non-slip blue rubber rim will prevent the bowl sliding while your pet is eating and drinking.

  • Made from durable plastic
  • Cools water and food and keeps it fresh
  • Simply remove cold pack and refreeze it in the freezer
  • Can also be used without cold pack
  • Non-slip due to rim made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

Colour: White/Blue

Size: 1 Litre (Diameter 20 cm).


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