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Grooming room consent form

Terms & Conditions of using our grooming room:

  • I confirm that my pet is fit, healthy and is full vaccinated.
  • I agree that the groomer may groom my pet based on my requirements given at drop off and is not liable for any irritation or hair loss due to any health issues, or as a result of the grooming process due to my non disclosure of any medical issues.
  • If my pet attempts to bite any person or dog, a muzzle may be used at the discretion of the groomer, and work may be stopped.
  • If my pet is deemed unwell or stressed by the groomer, work will stop.
  • If your dog is extremely matted, we may contact you regarding the possibility of shaving your dog to ensure a healthy coat. 
  • If my pet requires any veterinary treatment, I authorise Petstop to contact me.
Petstop will hold your information while your dog is a client of our salon. If you no longer require our services and wish to have your information removed from our system please contact us on [email protected]