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Hatchwell's Trimmex

Product Code: R.FHA511


Hatchwells Trimmex Powder 

The Hatchwells Trimmex Powder is a wound powder that helps stem minor bleeding quickly during grooming. Nail trimming is an important part of pet grooming and must be done with care. If the nail is cut too short, the blood vessel may be caught and create bleeding. This is especially easy to do with long or dark nails that prevent you from seeing where the blood vessel is located. Apply using cotton wool. Suitable for all pets. 

  • For all animals such as dog, cat, rabbit and brid.
  • Stops bleeding from nails and claws
  • Coagulates minor cuts
  • Fast acting formulation

Size: 30g



When nail trimmings of dogs, cats and small animals causes quick to bleed, immediately apply a small quantity of Trimmex using a cotton bud and the bleeding should stop at once. 


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