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Intense Basking Spot 50w

Product Code: PT2135


Intense Basking Spot 50w

A lamp specially designed as a basking spot lamp. The tight beam can be directed precisely on an area to create a basking site. The heat and light in the beam is increased by 35%, allowing greater distances between the bulb and the basking site.

The UVA (ultraviolet A) light contributes to reptiles' physiological well-being. - 35% increase of light and heat in the beam - Creates a basking area for thermoregulation - Increases ambient air temperature - Stimulates breeding behavior through UVA rays. 

Can be combined with Night Glo or Heat Glo for a 24 hours cycle - The Exo Terra Glow Light (PT2052 / PT2054 / PT2056) is perfectly suited for the Exo Terra Incandescent Bulbs.


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