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Mac's Cat Gourmet Foil Pack - Chicken

Product Code: M252


Mac's Cat Gourmet - Chicken

MAC's has created the semi-wet, grain-free, complete food for cats of all life stages. A high meat content food, which provides natural goodness, easy digestion and pleasant feeding for your cat.  Chicken, as a single ingredient, provides high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  Water is one of the most important nutrients for a cat, so this wet food increases the cat's health.

Foil packed for extra freshness.

  • Without artificial preservatives, colourings and flavourings
  • Without soya or artificial binders
  • No attractants, no added sugar or salt
  • Without reconstituted meat
  • Without animal and bone meal

Sizes available:  100g & 300g 

Ingredients: Chicken 99% (consisting of chicken meat, neck, heart, stomach, liver, broth), minerals.


INGREDIENTS: Chicken 99% (consisting of chicken meat, neck, heart, stomach, liver, broth), minerals.

Additives: Vitamin E 30 mg/kg, Vitamin D3 200 i.E./kg, Zinc 15 mg/kg, Manganese 3 mg/kg, Iodine 0.75 mg/kg, Taurine 1.000 g/kg. \

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Moisture 78.3% Crude protein 11.5% Crude fat 6.2% Crude ash 2.1% Crude fiber 0.3%

Weight of catDaily ration
2 kg 120-140 g
3 kg 140-220 g
4 kg 220-240 g
5 kg 240-280 g
6 kg 280-300 g
7 kg 300-320 g
8 kg 320-340 g

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