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MAC's Cat Pouch - Superfood - Classic 12 pack

Product Code: M859


MAC's Cat Pouch - Superfood - Classic 12 pack

All Mac's pouches provide a complete food that is grain-free, free of preservatives and additives such as sugar, salt, artificial or natural dyes.

In the new Superfood range by Mac's there is special emphasis on all natural and healthy ingredients.  The combination of different types of meat, with a mixture of herbs, apple, cranberry, dandelion, cowberry (also known as lingonberry) or malt provide a complete food with an appealing taste and guarantee the cat's good health.  The subtle pieces of meat in combination with the pate provide a special taste experience.  The convenient pouch bag makes for a clean and proper food preparation.

Mixed pack of MAC's pouches, contains:

  • 2 x Salmon & poultry
  • 2 x Duck & poultry
  • 2 x Veal & beef
  • 2 x Chicken & Lamb
  • 2 x Rabbits & poultry
  • 2 x Pure chicken

See individual varieties for nutritional information.

Size: 12 x 100g


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