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MAC's Kitten Pouch - Superfood - Beef and Poultry

Product Code: M858


MAC's Kitten Pouch - Superfood - Beef and Poultry

All Mac's pouches provide a complete food that is grain-free, free of preservatives and additives such as sugar, salt, artificial or natural dyes.

MAC's Kitten Pouch - Super food Beef and Poultry - consists of tender duck and is particularly tasty refined with poultry. The special recipe is grain-free and developed as a balanced complete food for growing cats. Careful preparation and the addition of vitamins and minerals ensure that your cat is nourished in a natural way. 

Key Features:

  • 99% Meat content (71% Beef & 28% Poultry)
  • 100% Natural
  • Grain-Free

Size: 100g



71% beef (consisting of beef, beef lung, beef hearts, beef kidney, beef broth), 28% poultry (consisting of poultry meat, poultry liver, poultry broth), 0.5% mineral ingredients, 0.5% dried eggshells

Age in monthsDaily amount of food in g
2-3 230-270
4-6 285-295
7-12 290-350

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