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Crate Training your Puppy

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Crate Training Your Puppy | Petstop - Irish Pet Experts

A crate, if introduced correctly, can be a wonderful den for your new puppy to rest and sleep in. However, if they are forced into the crate, it becomes a cage and the nice safe zone you are trying to create for your new puppy becomes a punishing space instead. In order to help your puppy learn that their crate is the best spot in the house, you will need to follow the steps outlined below.

Settling Your Puppy At Night

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Settling Your Puppy At Night | Petstop - Irish Pet Experts

When your puppy first comes home they will see you as their new family and want to be with you all the time - but how to help them settle at night?

Introducing KittyMax

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KittyMax - Clumping Cat Litter | Petstop - Irish Pet Experts

Finding a cat litter that suits both you and your cat can be challenging.With this in mind, we introduced a new range of kitty litter to our catalogue.

Natural Fish Treats for Dogs

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Natural Fish Treats for Dogs | Petstop - Irish Pet Experts

We are delighted to introduce a new range of treats for your dogs! The ‘Eli – Natural Fish for Dogs’ are available as ‘Cod Cubes’, ‘Cod Fingers’ and ‘Tiny Sprats’.

Fast hydration for dogs and cats

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Fast hydration for dogs and cats | Petstop - Irish Pet Experts

Pets tend to lose fluids and electrolytes through exertion. If they lose too much fluid it can lead to dehydration. Help keep your pet hydrated and avoid future health issues.

Stop dog urine from killing your grass

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Stop dog urine from killing your grass | Petstop

We all love keeping our lawns looking fresh and green all year round. Have you ever noticed any brown patches across your lawn and wondered what could be causing this?One of the answers can be dog urine. Find out how to fix this problem.

What is catnip and why do cats love it so much

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What Is Catnip? | Petstop - Irish Pet

Chances are, if you have a cat (or even if you don’t have one!), you’ve heard of catnip and its mysterious effects that it can have on feline friends. But what is catnip? What does it actually do for your cat?

Keep your pets cool this summer

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Keep your pets cool this summer

Extra care and attention should be taken during the hot days to protect your pets from the heat. We've put together a list of some of our many cooling products for you to enjoy the great weather with your furry friends with peace of mind.

Protect your pets against fleas & ticks

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Protect your pets against fleas and ticks this summer

Avoiding a parasite infestation is a huge concern for those who have pets at home. Not only they are unpleasant but they pose a serious risk to the health of pets and their families. Check out some of our recommendations on how to keep your pets protected

The Ultimate Guide to Attracting Birds to Your Garden

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Attract Wild Birds To Your Garden |

Few sounds are more pleasant to wake up to than birdsong. Seeing a host of chirpy, playful wild birds enjoying your carefully planted shrubs and filling your garden with life is bound to bring happiness year-round, but how do you convince wild birds that your garden is a great place for them to be?