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Marina Aquarium Background, Plant Scene 18"

Product Code: 11775


Marina Double Sided Aquarium Background, Plant Scene/Solid Black 18" 10cm Piece

PLEASE NOTE - This product is sold in 10cm sections, in width.  If quantity = 1, the product width is 10cm.  Please see below to calculate exact measurements.

Marina Double-Sided Aquarium Backgrounds offer a wide variety of breathtaking colour scenery that adds natural-looking visual intensity and vibrancy to aquariums.

The reversible backgrounds feature uniquely dramatic vistas on each side. Solid-colour backgrounds are also available. Durable and water-resistant, the laminated backgrounds can easily be mounted using tape. For best results, use Marina Clearview Background Adhesive Solution for improved clarity. Available in a variety of heights, can easily be custom-cut to meet specific sizing needs, sold by 10cm.

This aquarium background features: Plant Scene/Solid Black (Side A/Side B).

Sizes: 45cm (18in) in height only.

To calculate width, please see example below. 

How to calculate the price of a background?
Example (Aquarium Size 45cm x 80cm):

Background size: 45 cm, 18”

10 cm = € 0.66
80 cm = 8 x 10 cm = 8 x € 0.66 = € 5.28 ​


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