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Marina iGlo Fluorescent Aquarium Gravel - Galaxy

Product Code: 12544


Marina iGlo Fluorescent Aquarium Gravel - Galaxy

When placed under blue LEDs, iGLO's complete range of fluorescent plants, ornaments and gravel are designed to provide a vibrant glowing effect. For maximum fluorescence, position these decorative pieces under the unique blue LEDs that come equipped on all Marina iGlo aquariums.

Fill your aquarium base with iGlo gravel for maximum fluorescence or mix it with solid-colored gravel for pops of glow throughout.

Key Features :

  • Dust-free
  • Safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Glows under blue light

Size: 4-7mm (0.15"-0.3" ) Net weight: 2kg

Cleaning Instructions :

Pour gravel into a bucket or fine colander and rinse with water to remove any debris caused during transport.

1 kg OF GRAVEL = 3.8 L*

*Based on a standard rectangular aquarium with 1" depth of gravel.


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