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VetIQ Defurr-UM Cats

Product Code: R.F0342


VetIQ Defurr-UM Cats 

Cats and Kittens, when licking their fur, can accidentally ingest it, which may then accumulate in their stomachs and form what is known as a hairball. Signs of hairball are constipation, gagging, coughing and vomiting. Our Defurr-um paste aids in lubricating the digestive tract helping to expel potential blockages. Defurr-um paste is highly palatable and is easily administered either by placing it directly onto your cats paw or letting them lick it from your finger.

  • Hairball remedy
  • Helps remove and prevent hairballs
  • Source of fibre and vitamin E
  • Tasty natural flavour

Size:  70g / 2.5oz

Directions:  Place Defurr-UM on the front paws or on the nozzle where your pet can lick it off. When your pet is hungry he/she will lick directly from the nozzle or you finger. Complementary pet food for cats and rabbits. 

To Prevent Hairballs Kittens or rabbits (over 6 months old):  3-6mm (1/8 tsp) weekly
Cats: 6-13mm (1/4 tsp) weekly
To Remove Hairballs Kittens or rabbits (over 6 months old):  13mm (1/4 tsp) weekly
Cats: 25mm (1/2 tsp) weekly

Composition: Cereals, oils and fats. 

Nutritional content: 4624 kcal/kg


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