VetIQ Serene-um Calming Drops (Dog & Cat 1-10kg)

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M&C Serene Um Calm for Dogs & Cats (1-10kg)

Size: 100ml

These calming drops are a homeopathic remedy that has been formulated through years of precise research and clinical testing. The Serene Um Calm drops are manufactured with the most natural and pure ingredients and help to promote a sense of calmness within your pet during stressful scenarios such as travelling, during fireworks and thunderstorms.

  • Naturally calms and de-stresses your dog/cat
  • Recommended by vets for aggression, home alone, hyperactivity, anxiety and fireworks
  • A naturally-based alternative to prescription sedatives
  • Works within 6/8 hours.   (Maximum effect allow 24/36 hours)
  • Active ingredients and their major function

Inositol: Transmission of neural signals in the brain

Vitamin B3: Energy release from foods; brain/nerve cell maintenance

Taurine: Stabilise and maintain brain/nervous system health

L-Tryptophan: Protein building block; regulation of mood, appetite and sleep

Calcium: Bone structure maintenance and muscle contraction

Vitamin B6: Amino acid metabolism

Zinc: Bone formation, cell-mediated immunity and host defense

Vitamin E: Stability of muscular activity and in the regulation of cellular oxidation processes

Selenium: Prevention and treatment of certain necrotising diseases in domestic animals.

Vitamin D3: Regulation of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis and bone mineralisation

Target: Pets who show signs of behavior related disorders, excessive barking, tail chasing, poor concentration, pacing, unruliness, pets displaying general signs of nervousness, anxiety or aggression

Product in Bite Prevention Week 2017


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