Memory Trainer Strategy Game

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Memory Trainer Strategy Game

The Memory Trainer Strategy Game is a great way to challenge your dog's mental engagement. This innovative food dispenser for dogs playfully combines physical and mental challenges. This is a demanding game for professional canines, by pressing the remote control a treat is dispensed. The difficulty level of this game can be increased by expanding the distance between the release button and food despenser. For even more of a challenge, the release button and food dispenser can be placed in separate locations up to 40 meters apart. 

  • Rotating reservoir inside the food dispenser with adjustable opening for adjusting the release of treats
  • Plastic
  • Additional holder to increase stability of release button  
  • Various means of fastening the release button by suction cup or peg for outside
  • Includes small scoop for filling
  • Operating range up to 40 m
  • Non-slip due to rubber feet
  • Battery-powered (3 AAA micro batteries and 4 C baby batteries not included)
  • Includes instruction booklet with tips and tricks for designing optimal training

Measurements: Height 9.5", Width 7.9" (Height 24cm, Width 20cm).



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