Mikki Basic Command Kit

Product Code: IP6234221


Improve your dog?s behaviour with simple training techniques Teach your dog basic training commands (sit, down, bed, leave) Build your dog?s confidence and attention span. The Mikki Basic Command Kit is the perfect way to start training your dog basic commands, such as Sit, Down, Bed and Leave. This clever kit contains a Mikki Clikka, a Large Ragger Toy, a House Line, a Treat Pouch and a Basic Training Guide written by the professional behaviourist Claire Arrowsmith. This kit is also great for helping you to teach your dog to listen to you as well as giving you the techniques to teach him not to jump up, chase other animals and steal your belongings! Claire Arrowsmith?s reward based training techniques give you the commands to help teach your dog to ?sit? or ?down? instead of jumping up at your visitors! Teaching your dog to ?leave it? also helps resolve reluctance to share and steal.



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