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New Life Spectrum - Goldfish Formula

Product Code: GOLD-125


New Life Spectrum - Goldfish Formula

New Life Spectrum Cold water goldfish foods are made with high quality krill and herring providing highly digestible protein for all your fish.  Provides your cold water gold fish with all the nutrients they require and includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals, including stabilised vitamin C and Biotin.

New life spectrum Goldfish Formula is a daily balanced diet for all medium sized goldfish. The slow sinking pellet reduces the risk of indigestion or air bloat that can sometimes occur when fancy goldfish are fed on flake foods.

Pellet size is 3mm and sinking.


  • 125g
  • 250g


Whole fish, cerals, Ulva Seaweed, Chlorella Algae, Kelp Spirulina, Garlic, Alfalfa, Omega-3 Oil, Fruit, Vegtables.

Analyticals Constitutents:

Crude Protein 36%, Moisture 10%, Ash 8%, Far Content 5%, Crude Fibre 6%.


B-Carotene 16500 IU/kg Vitamin A 8000 IU/kg, Vitamin D 2500 IU/kg. Vitamin E 200 IU/kg, D-Pantothenic Acid 9,7 IU/kg Niacin 19,8 mg/kg, Folic Acid 0.7mg/kg, Blotin 0,1 mg/kg. Vitamin BI Thiamine 4,2mg/kg, Riboflavin 2.7mg/kg. Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine 4mg/kg, L-Ascorbyl 2-Polyphosphate (Stable C) 30mg/kg, Choline 50mg/kg. Echylenediamine Dihydralod de 50mg/kg, Colourants 420mg/kg Compounds of Trace Elements 75mg/kg


Feed twice daiy. The portion should be eaten in 1 minute or less. Do not over feed.


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