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Nobby Stainless Steel Non-Tip Dish

Product Code: R.FN72812


Nobby Stainless Steel Non-Tip Dish

This simplistic stainless steel bowl is suitable for holding water or your dog's favourite food. The rubber rimmed bottom prevents sliding while your dog is eating. Made from stainless steel which is durable and easy to clean. Available in 5 different sizes. 

  • Simple stainless steel dog bowl.
  • Rubber rim for minimum spill for messy pups.
  • Can be used for either food or water.
  • Easy washable and long lasting.


  • Holds approximately 0.45L,  Diameter 19.5cm
  • Holds approximately 0.70L,  Diameter 20.5cm
  • Holds approximately 0.95L,  Diameter 23cm
  • Holds approximately 1.60L,  Diameter 30cm
  • Holds approximately 2.80L,  Diameter 33cm

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