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Pedigree Gravy Bones Original

Product Code: R.F0799


Pedigree Gravy Bones Original

The Pedigree Gravy Bones are an all-time favourite treat for dogs. Gravy Bones are well loved for their crunchy biscuit texture and meaty coating. The crunchy texture helps to prevent build-up of plaque and tartar from dog’s gums and teeth. Gravy Bones are made using real meat and wholegrain cereals that give these treats a delicious and nutritious flavour! Animal marrowbone is rich in both calcium which help to support strong bones and teeth. Delicious biscuits with a meaty coating, rich in omega 3 for joint care and a healthy coat.

  • Gravy flavoured bones
  • Naturally occurring calcium
  • Omega 3 for joint care
  • Vitamins to support overall health
  • No artificial colours or flavours


  • 500g
  • 10kg

Ingredients: Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Seeds, Oils and Fats, Various Sugars, Herbs


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