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Petstop White Meat Filled Bone

Product Code: G2161


Sterilized white bone, stuffed with delicious meaty paste, delicious and safe.

Petstop White Meat Filled Bone 

Satisfy your dog's impulse to chew with this tasty White Meat Filled Bone for dogs ! Made from 100% natural bone, this delicious natural treat is rich in flavour and aroma, sure to keep your dog occupied for hours. Roasted pork bones are highly palatable and contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. 

Sterilized white bone, filled with deliciously meaty paste stuffing for an irresistible treat! Petstop White Meat Filled Bone offers chewing fun with additional dental care effect. This natural treat helps rub the plaque from your dog’s teeth and supports good dental health.

  • Made with 100% natural bone
  • Natural dog treat
  • Sterilized white bowl
  • No Filled with meaty paste
  • Artificial colours or flavours
  • Helping to avoid destructive behaviour in the house

Size: 1 bone


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