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Premium Norwegian Harness Red

Product Code: 205103


Premium Norwegian Harness Red

Trixie premium touring harness made of high-quality nylon material. It is a comfortable to wear due to fleece padding and fully adjustable belly strap. Extra robust due to strain relief and easy to put on.Sturdy secure your dog during car travel it restrains your pet, keeping it from moving around the car or jumping out. It is design and location allows you to connect it to your seat belt. Soft and breathable inner lining for extra comfort and easily adjustable chest strap for maximum comfort.Quick and easy to attach for more comfortable your dog traditional harness is best. Great for all dogs the harness works by turning the dogs shoulders, to help give you extra control. 


S - M = 30-50 cm/25 mm

M - L = 53-66 cm/40 mm

L = 60-76 cm/40 mm

L - XL = 68-88 cm/55 mm

Video below shows how to measure and fit the harness on your dog.


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