alpha spirit only fish complete dog food


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Product Code: AS30092
  • Alpha Spirit Complete Dog Food Only Fish

    The Only Fish Complete Dog Food formula is unique; with a rich and healthy nutritional balance of fatty acids that comes naturally from the fresh fish. The protein from FRESH fish is easily digested and assimilated, making it ideal and suitable for all dogs; even more If your dog suffer allergies problems, normally caused by other meats. This fish meat also contains less and healthy fat, a fact that it is derived in the final product and therefore is ideal for maintaining wellness of the animal. Its short composition gives your dog longer MULTI vitamins and minerals naturally.


    • Reduces the size of the depositions.
    • With legum sprouts, vitamins and botanicals.
    • The sprouts also helps optimize digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
    • The meat adds shine to the hair. The brewer’s yeast is rich in vitamins B. Omega 3 and 6 helps regenerate tissues.
    • Contains taurine, essential for cardiac activity. The Omega 3 improves osteoarthritis.
    • Includes calcium essential for the formation of the dentin structure.
    • Carnitine reduces fat and promotes muscle development.
    • A contribution of chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine helps the formation of ligaments and articular cartilage.
    • Fish oil prevents ischemia, improving cachexia and IL1 concentration decreases.
    • Includes turmeric inhibits intestinal tumours. Carotenes and lutein to the retina.

    Box Sizes:

    ALPHA SPIRIT is available in boxes of 1.47kg, 5.67kg and 9.45kg.

    Small - 1.47kg (7 monodosis x 210g)

    Medium - 5.67kg (27 monodosis x 210g)

    Large - 9.45kg (45 monodosis x 210g)