beaphar swiftie puppy/kitten trainer


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Product Code: SH17645
  • Beaphar Swiftie is a concentrated liquid that acts as an attractant when toilet training young pets. A few drops of Swiftie added to a Puppy Pad, litter tray, or sheet of newspaper will encourage your pet to use this for relieving themselves. The toilet area can then be slowly moved over several days to a site of your choosing, such as outdoors. Suitable for puppies and kittens. Active Ingredient: Specially selected attractant solutions.

    How to use:

    Place two drops of Swiftie on a folded newspaper or Beaphar Puppy Pad near the sleeping area first thing in the morning. Let the puppy remain on the paper until it has been used and destroy it after use. Repeat this procedure each time using freshly impregnated paper and moving it closer to the door. Continue the training procedure until the paper is outside at the spot you choose as ‘his place’. Finally reduce the size of paper until the correct habit is formed.